Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

The title ribbon appears above the State seal on the emblem itself. We have approximately 80 ribbons that you can choose from. (The two plates that appear above and below the emblem contain two lines each and can be engraved to meet your specific needs.)

Yes. Under special circumstances, we will walk the badge through the process and deliver the badge to you ASAP. Please call before requesting this process.

The shirt style badge is much lighter than the regular breast pocket badge. Also the back of the shirt style is longer to fill up the dress shirt pocket. Although both badges can function in dress shirt pockets as well as suit jacket pockets we recommend that you order the style that best fits your climate and needs. Please note that the chain will not work with the shirt style badge and also the shirt style badge will not fit into the presentation case.

You can have a super two-piece magnet that many of our customers just love. You can also have the two push post pins for more rugged use. There is also a large alligator clip that can be used. If you are not happy with your choice we can switch backings at any time at no charge.

We prefer to ship the badge to your department whenever possible. Please call if you need to make special provisions for us to ship it somewhere other than the department.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Purchase orders are fine as well as letters of authorization approved by purchasing.

Only with pre-approval. We would rather you call us with a credit card if at all possible.

Sure. We can supply the top plate or bottom plate on your badge for a small charge.

The RB-1 is 2 3/4″ wide and 3 3/4″ long. The dress shirt style has the same front dimensions as the RB-1 only with a longer back.

Silver is available upon request.

Only with permission from the actual agency for which you worked, which you must supply at time of ordering.

The order must originate from the agency and be faxed to us from the agency.

Our warranty is the best in the business and covers most anything that can happen to your pocket badge.